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Gradually to better health, with every exhalation and inhalation.

The road to better health is long and full of challenges, but also immensely rewarding. "Gradually to better health, with every exhalation and inhalation" is a slogan that reminds us that improving our health is a process that does not come all at once, but gradually, step by step.

We breathe constantly, often without even realizing it. But it is precisely in these simple life processes that enormous power is hidden. Every breath can bring us energy and vitality, every breath can help release tension and stress.

Focusing on breathing allows us to be present in the moment, aware of our body and our needs. In today's busy world, we often forget the importance of this connection with our inner self, and yet this very connection can be the key to better health.

When we learn to breathe correctly, we open the door to many positive changes. Not only do we increase the level of oxygen in our body, supporting its proper function, but we also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which has a relaxing effect and helps us manage stress.

"Gradually to better health" doesn't just mean that we have to engage in strenuous exercise every day or follow a strict diet. It means finding harmony in our lives, finding time to rest, finding joy in movement and learning to be grateful for every breath we take and inhale.

With every exhale and inhale, we have an opportunity to be better, feel better and live a fuller life. Let's not forget it and pay attention to our breathing - our life and our health will thank us for it.




The course of breathing movements, their length and frequency affect all processes in our body, both on a physical and psychological level. In my work, I focus on the restoration of natural breathing, which means that breathing adapts to physiological, mental and physical conditions adequately, depending on the time and space in which we are.



Mental state during movement is important; if we are distracted and constantly overloaded with stimuli, we cannot feel the individual techniques and exercises. As a result, we will not achieve progress, restoration of functions and regeneration. Working with the mind and stimuli is one aspect of how to get into experiencing the present moment and learn to feel good while moving.




Fascia, muscles, bones, joints and their biomechanics interact with each other. So does the vascular system, the digestive and excretory system, as well as the reproductive system. All these parts allow us to move in this world and navigate it through our senses. The body anchors us in reality. When we have our feet firmly on the ground, we can breathe freely and keep an open mind.



Chemistry  it affects our autonomic reactions in different situations. By stimulating specific areas of the autonomic nervous system, we can influence and support overall health. In today's busy times, the sympathetic nervous system often predominates, which changes our response to stress. We don't have a natural rest from stimuli.

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