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I focus on professional education in the field of breathing and movement. My knowledge comes from extensive study through professional courses and seminars, supplemented with practical experiences from yoga therapy, movement training, and freediving.

The offering of courses and individual consultations is focused on specifically designed exercises that optimize breathing function, support the restoration of functional movement patterns in everyday life, and improve sports performance.

My goal is to provide clients with a detailed understanding of breathing processes, enable them to recognize and strengthen the quality of their breathing, and acquire knowledge necessary for effective self-regulation.

Through these courses, clients discover breathing as an essential tool for physical harmony and well-being.

Daniela Dvorská

Mgr. (Master of Physiotherapy) Physiotherapist & Freediver

My experience

My professional growth in the field of physiotherapy began in a hospital environment, specifically at a Neurological Clinic, where I dealt with patients suffering from various neurological disorders. My clinical experience taught me to assess and intervene with the aim of restoring functional abilities in patients after strokes and other neurological traumas.

It was a challenging, yet immensely enriching time, which showed me how fragile our body is.

With the goal of expanding my professional scope, I later moved to a private rehabilitation center, where I acquired knowledge in orthopedics and sports traumatology. Here, I worked with clients of various age groups, mainly dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitation needs.

After gaining extensive experience, I decided to practice independently and began providing therapeutic services to clients from an office environment, who most often suffered from chronic pains due to prolonged forced sitting positions and muscle strain from inappropriate physical activity.

In order to improve public awareness of the importance of movement prevention, I prepared workshops on healthy breathing in collaboration with the meditation center Plejs. These workshops gradually transformed into structured courses focused on movement prevention and education.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to combine my professional career with my personal passion for freediving, when I spent two years in Dahab. During this period, I worked at the Nour center and simultaneously led online courses and consultations, thus expanding my reach and adapting my services to the digital age.

At the beginning of 2022, I moved to the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, with my partner and two pets. Here, I can continue to train underwater and have a fulfilling life above water.



Slovak Medical University in Bratislava


Institute of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation in Piešťany / University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava





  • Diagnosis and Therapy of Functional Movement Disorders - Janíková

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (A, B, C)

  • Special Kinesiology of the Human Movement Apparatus - Differential Diagnosis and Therapy Design - PhDr. Šifta

  • The Relationship Between Breathing Movements and Posture - PhDr. Čumpelík

  • Franklin Method: Dynamic Pelvic Floor, The Elastic Breath - Tone and Release Your Diaphragm, Liberate Your Thoracic Spine

  • BradCliff Breathing Method: Level 1 Breathing Pattern Disorder Therapist

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